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Process automation. Programming.

Various process automation works using robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Automation of the administrative apparatus:

  • automatic preparation of various documents, qualified signing, informing, confirmation chain;
  • automation of accounting processes, automatic processing of purchases, sales invoices, automated processing of payments and inclusions, automation of working time accounting and assurance of accuracy;
  • preparation, processing, signing, informing of missions, travel documents, cargo documents;
  • administration, processing, validation, informing of holidays and other certificates;
  • automation of other processes.

Programming jobs:

If there is a need for a separate system, or if a modified standard system can not solve specific tasks, we perform various programming tasks. Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS, Android, and other platforms are programmed with the appropriate technology.

We are SAP, Microsoft and Oracle technology experts, so each project has the most appropriate technology and products to choose from. If the topics of "Process Automation" or "Programming" are relevant to you and you need more detailed advice, please contact us here.

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