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Internet of Things

The IoT or the Internet of Things means connecting the device to the network for additional added value. At the same time, we are talking about the Internet of Things Industry (IIoT), where each controller, frequency converter, robot or other device is connected to a network. It becomes not only a data source that allows you to gather huge amounts of data for analysis and machine learning technologies, but also a control tool where artificial intelligence and machine learning systems can independently manage equipment and production. The Internet of Things, the huge amount of sensors and real-time data flow analysis allow you to monitor complex system parameters and anticipate and prevent failures or unplanned downtime. It also creates opportunities for increasing the pace of production.

In a wider sense, the Internet of Things raises value for both the user of the item and its producer. By adapting its experience, SFN team assists device makers in implementing these new technologies in their products in order to benefit not only their customers but also their own. The analysis of the collected data can improve the weak installation sites, produce more efficient, improved equipment, provide details for depreciation periods and contact a specific warehouse in advance, so that the customer can quickly change the part without having to wait long.

The benefits are so numerous and various that it is best to consult SFN specialists in order to find solution for your specific need. If the topic of the Internet of Things is relevant to you today - contact us.