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Machine learning

Machine learning belongs to the concept of artificial intelligence, but these are different things. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to overwrite its own algorithms, depending on external factors, to perform their own adaptation tasks. Machine learning is system's ability to independently, without user's intervention, to determine the conditions of the circumstances, examples of which in production are alarms, failures, impending downtime or product damage. With the help of machine learning, the system itself evaluates the conditions under which an undesirable outcome has occurred. Therefore, the next time, under similar conditions, the operator will receive an automatic warning to take action even before the unwanted event is triggered. Also, the system itself can self-prevent a downtime or malfunction (eg, slowing down).

At present, most areas of machine learning adaptation are found in the analysis of large data, unstructured data, and accounting, where the results are generally only indicative.

However, SFN's team today applies all this extensively in production, so that these next-generation systems maximize all the necessary benefits. If you want to inquire on the topic of Machine Learning, have questions or need advice - here you can contact us.